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Are you longing for a world-class and hasslefree life style?

Welcome to Regent Paradise!

Imagine living in a secure complex with every desirable modern amenity. Imagine owning an exceptional apartment with a club attached, a club that offers fine dining and a leisure lounge, a swimming pool and sports courts, a health and fitness centre with access to spa... and much more. Imagine looking out on a beautiful, landscaped, lush green garden where you and your family can mingle freely with friends and nature. Imagine first-class shopping at your doorstep. Imagine a lifestyle of elegance and class.

Regent Paradise is located at an idyllic site. It’s a city within the city of Guwahati: spread over a sprawling 22 bighas. The complete complex consists of five 12-storey and two 8-storey high-end blocks and three 10-storey efficiency blocks.

At Regent Paradise, you will enjoy all the services that make apartment complexes the preferred solution for comfortable living. It offers, without the burden of maintenance, much more than what a bungalow or farmhouse can offer. It offers you convenience minus complications. It’s the smarter way to live

In fact you just don’t need to move out of the complex to enjoy most pleasures of life. It saves time and effort and allows quality time with your family. Go ahead. Enjoy the luxury of laziness.

Regent Paradise offers a rejuvenating, refreshing and revitalizing experience in a secure environment. Here you can live life to the fullest.

It’s a home you will always want to come back to.

It’s your gift to your family..... and to yourself.

Discover Paradise, right here on earth

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