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             Living Comfort:

A man's life is influenced by his home and style of living. Riscon Enclave is conceived with a single minded objective to create a new level of residential luxury designed to match the taste and mindset of people who aspire for a unique living within budgetary comforts.

Locational Advantage
The upcoming project RISCON ENCLAVE is strategically located near Hokey stadium and Main National Games stadium with close proximity to NH-37
Just less than on hour Drive from the Airport.
10 min drive from Capital Complex, Dispur.
10 min drive from ISBT/ Balaji Temple
Peaceful environment and free from water logging.
DPS , Gurukul and National public school nearby.
Secured Investment

Your decision today to buy a flat on RISCON ENCLAVE. is an ideal real estate investment for your Future .

 Good infrastructure
 Well Connectivity
 High class Stadium for sports activities
 Many ongoing/upcoming housing projects in the area, making Riscon Enclave an ideal real estate investment for your future.

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